SAC Sektion Zermatt


Schneeschuhwanderung, 19. Januar 2014 → Fotos

Tour guide:
Alfons Biner
Gaby and Marco Perren, Josephine Burlet

3 lake snow shoe tour

Departure with the new Sunnegga Express to Sunnegga station. Got geared up with snow shoes and started off down through the Wolli Park and beside the Leisee. We continued on further to the Moosjisee, and along to the Hydroelectric power station and dam where we had a short break so that Marco could explain some technical details of its function.

We past over the bridge, admiring the ice/water formation underneath it, then continued up the other side to reach the ski track leading to Gant. Spotted a few deer on the opposite side on the rocks, on the way. The snow was getting deeper at this stage … thank goodness we had a couple of strong men to trample the way. Marco leading, then Alfons, and this certainly made life much easier for us girls following behind! So having crossed over the ski trail, we made a bee-line up the hill and over the dale to the Grünsee area and restaurant … first pit-stop … apéro and lunch.

After lunch, we made our way back down along the footpath to Riffelalp Station. The weather decided to pick up a bit, some rays of sunshine, and a few patches of blue sky appeared … for a while at least! Gaby, our star photographer, decided to try her hand at an automatic shot so we could all be in the picture! While she was getting the settings sorted, we could admire the wonderful environment and absorb the peaceful atmosphere of the nature around us (except for the screams of a few hooligan skiiers passing by up on the ski track above in complete euphoria.) On arriving at Riffelalp station and normally the end of the tour, we realised that with still plenty of time and energy on our hands, we could manage another stretch down to Ritti … next and last pit-stop. Hot shots and apple-strudel went down a treat! Last leg to the Gondel at Furi and back down to Zermatt.

A wonderful fun day was had by all! Thanks to out chief trampler Marco, tour guide Alfons, star photographer Gaby and me Josephine.

Report: Josephine
Photos: Gaby